Stop Trying to Fit In

Are you Trying to Fit In? On holiday this week I have had a few moments to reflect on how far I have come, how I am able to live in the present moment and how much energy I have to enjoy my…

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great parent

You are a GREAT Parent

When was the last time someone told you that you are a great parent? When was the last time you actually told yourself you are a great parent? It has to be one of the hardest jobs on the planet-…

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all i want for christmas

All I want for Christmas…is happy children

What do you want for Christmas? Do you know what you want for Christmas? So, December has arrived, the Christmas lights are lit in town centres across the world and Santa is visiting a heck of a lot of department…

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money smart kid savings

How to Raise Money Smart Kids

What is a Money Smart Kid? A money smart kid is what governments around the world are trying to achieve with their financial literacy programmes- so how can we as parents help to raise money smart children? Financial literacy is…

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love languages heart

What are your Love Languages?

Discover the 5 love languages Every now and then I come across a book, an author, someone who inspires me. These are words that change the way I behave, significantly improving my life. When I find this type of material,…

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be perfect

Are you trying too hard to be perfect?

Trying to be perfect at everything inevitably leads to overwhelm This week I am sharing the story of a client, let’s call her Jacqueline, who is trying to be perfect at everything! Her self esteem and feelings of worth were at…

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Take Time Out For You

You can and should take time out for you…without feeling guilty! We are so often spread so thinly that I teach all my clients to make self care a non-negotiable part of their day.  Taking care of you makes taking…

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Breastfeeding – at home or in public- you can do it!

Breastfeeding in Public – Who says you can’t do it??? In my newsletter this week I shared a funny video about breastfeeding in public – very tongue in cheek but well worth the watch Here it is for those of…

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