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The £50K Formula Mindset Challenge

The £50k Formula Mindset Challenge

3 days to free your mind and
set yourself up to ace the rest of the year

It’s not that hard to get to £50k if you follow a simple, doable plan, remain focussed, are clear on your ‘Ideal Client’ or target market and have appropriate, effective and consistent messaging, marketing and follow up.

What get’s in the way and MAKES it hard is so often OURSELVES!  Our minds play frequent tricks on us – especially in the early days or when we’re struggling.  They are programmed to keep us ‘safe’ but that often means we will say anything to ourselves to avoid risk, the unknown or anything that forces us to step outside of our ‘comfort zone.’ 

Our minds tell us that we’re not good enough, clever enough, effective enough, capable enough.  

We believe we haven’t got the time and so we haven’t.  

We think we need to listen to or watch one more free training or webinar, or that the low cost, DIY online course will be the answer to our prayers. So often we think the missing piece can be filled by furthering our skills and qualifications in the faint hope that once we have those letters after our name or can offer that extra service, the clients will magically appear.  

Sorry to be brutal, but they won’t!

How do we change this and free ourselves of all this endless mind chatter, distraction, procrastination, lack of confidence, focus and self sabotage?  

By ADDRESSING OUR MINDSET.  Positive thinking and Law of Attraction is NOT enough.

If this resonates, you NEED TO JOIN ME IN THIS CHALLENGE!  

It’s not really a challenge at all – as it will be easy – as long as you LET it be easy!  

But that’s kind of the point- so often we make things harder than they need to be because of this endless mind chatter and programming that says we all of the above and distracts us from our goals and stops us taking the action we must take to get the wheels turning and the clients coming! 

If you’ve had enough of this, join me for a Fresh Start on 8th, 9th & 10th of May where in these short, sharp but incredibly powerful training sessions I will free you up and fire you up to make the most of the second third of this year! 

That’s right, we’re more than a quarter of the way through 2018. Sign up here to receive the reminders of when we’re going live and the recordings of the videos plus a couple of very simple, easy and quick worksheets to complete to set yourself on the path to as additional £50k in your business this year!

And we have prizes in store for you!

1st Prize - a sholarship place for the £50k Mindset Mentoring Programme 

2nd prize - a free ticket to my next event

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