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Welcome to your £50k Mindset Membership Site!

Here you will find everything you need for your journey towards a transformed Mindset and the ability to welcome in £50k plus in your business or income. 

Explore, take a look around and seek any help whenever you need it! 

Don't miss the 'Welcome & Orientation call which will give you all the information you need to make the most of this amazing programme, and ensure that you achieve a £50k Mindset! 

Housekeeping + Important Info

Here you will find all the information you need to make the most of this Membership Site and therefore your whole programme.  

Please reach out to me in the Facebook Group (please 'Tag' me) with any questions, queries or help required navigating or accessing this site.  You can of course always ask on the calls!  

  • All modules, call links, and replays can be found in here, along with any associated PDFs, worksheets and supplemental training.
  • Your £50k Mindset training is generally delivered live every Wednesday at 2pm UK time.  There are exceptions around holidays and bank holidays but you will be notified in advance of these changes. 
  • As a £50k Mindset member you also have complimentary access to the 'Secrets Of The Wealthy Entrepreneur Training and members portal.  You should be able to access this with one unique log in.  If you have any access problems please email me liz@elizabethmaryhancock.com and my team will sort it for you as soon as possible. 
  • Calls will last between 60 – 90 minutes. Every call will allow time for Q&A and laser coaching, on any related subject not just what that day’s training has covered. 
  • It can be scary to speak up on the calls, but the processes we go through will make that easier.  However, by starting as early as possible it will be easier!  Begin by taking a deep breath and committing to being honest, open and even vulnerable if needed, you will gain so much more than someone who stays quiet on the calls.  
  • Please connect and continue to strengthen your bonds with your £50k Members and the wider Wealthy Entrepreneur and £50k Community by ensuring you're an active member of the private Wealthy Entrepreneur Client Only Facebook Group


What if I have any questions, or technical difficulties like not being able to gain access to the portal?
Just email me directly liz@elizabethmaryhancock.com and myself or one of my team will get back to you as soon as we can. This email is checked a number of times today a day so we will always get back to you within 48 hours. Please be aware that myself and my team might be with another client or customer but we are committed to giving you the highest levels of customer service possible at all times If your query is urgent you can also try my assistant directly sarah@enhanceadmin.com

What if I can't make the live calls?

It’s obviously beneficial to turn up live whenever you can, but it’s not a problem if you miss the odd call. All the call replays and associated materials are available in this members' portal. If you need any clarity on a call you can reach out at any time in the Client Only Facebook group or ask me at your monthly one-to-one session.

Tell me more about the Facebook group please!

First of all let's get you in there. Click here to gain access.

Once you're in, please introduce yourself and your business when you join. You will be welcomed with open arms!

The Facebook group is a 'secret' group, which means no one can see our posts or who is a member of the group. It is a safe haven for you to feel completely at home I'm on your Wealthy Entrepreneur family. Although it is not a moaning shop, we really encourage you to reach out whenever you might be struggling and need extra support - that's what we are here all here for.

Likewise, we are all keen to hear of and celebrate with you your wins, breakthroughs, moments of enlightenment and clarity and anything else awesome that you do or experience!

Every Monday I ask all members to post the top three goals for the week.

Why only three? Because more than that will send you into a spin of overwhelm. Of course you may get more than three done but by focusing on those three things first above everything else will ensure that those three things get completed and that your business moves forward every week.

Every Friday I ask all members to post their three wins for the week. The intention is to correlate with your goals for that week, but what you will often find is that you have a host of other wins to share with the group. It's important to share these wins to build the muscle that says ‘It's okay to be successful, it's safe to be awesome!’ That way we will grow our comfort zone and also invite more of that of the same our way.

Although as a Masterminder you are a VVIP, within the Facebook Group there is no favouritism and everyone is an equal - weather you be a Mastermind Member or an Academy Member.  With that being said, I look to you Masterminder's as leaders and hope with your extended growth, knowledge and expertise that you will extend an extra supportive and loving hand to those who are new or less experienced than you.  This will in turn help to grow your coaching and leadership skills - there's always a method to my madness! 

I'm on a payment plan.  What if I my payment fails?

This should not happen as you have all been set up with automatic recurring payments via PayPal or Stripe. However, if you have a billing problem please inform me at your earliest opportunity so that we may work out a solution.

The £50k Mindset is a 12 week programme with a payment plan for those who wish to take advantage of it. It therefore requires your commitment for the full 3 months both financially and in terms of you showing up and doing the work.

How do I stay on track?

The group calls and the Facebook group are excellent ways of keeping you committed and accountable to yourself and your fellow Wealthy Entrepreneur family.  In addition, I encourage everyone to seek a buddy or an accountability partner who will act as an extra layer of support, encouragement, cheer leading and of course, accountability.

Lastly, I ask asked everyone to read and agree to the accountability and commitment document below, which is also an important part of this program.