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Do you really need a coach

Ep 03 – Do you really need a coach?

The Wealthy Entrepreneur Podcast Ep 03 – Do you really need a coach? Welcome to The Wealthy Entrepreneur Podcast. I’m here to help you get more clients, charge your worth and feel fabulous about it. Today we’re going to discuss this question: Do I really need a coach? I got a lot of comments about […]

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How’s your money mindset?

What if there was a way to feel lighter and happier about your finances and more comfortable around money WITHOUT hitting the jackpot? Here, Elizabeth Mary Hancock reveals why there just might be. ‘When I win the Lotto, I will………’ ‘If only we could win the lottery then all of our problems would be solved.’ […]

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January Financial Fitness!

Wow, research published today in the Daily Mail states: – One in six of us (16 percent) admit they expect to fall behind in their finances this month as a result of the festive season – MAT chief executive Joanna Elson said: ‘With millions expecting to fall behind with their finances in January, we want […]

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Letting Go Of 2017 And Welcoming 2018

I’ve been pretty much silent in here over the last week or so – to be honest I needed the break! I wasn’t burnt out but had scheduled the Xmas break to coincide with a proper rest and detox from Social Media, Emails, almost anything work related and boy was it freeing! Last year I […]

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Why I am a fraud

After a good few months of feeling fantastic and growing my business hugely in the last few months, I hit a bit of a curveball this last week. The familiar feelings of ‘Who am I to do this? People won’t believe me, they don’t trust me enough to take my advice, I’m a fraud’ were […]

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1 How Belief Can Transform

I do truly feel that belief can transform. Today I want to share with you how something very close to home helped me to realise that I need to apply my coaching skills in my personal life as well as my business. Warning: I am about to completely out myself here! Every Christmas for the […]

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