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Live Event Invitation and Simplicity and Connection

To my UK subscribers and visitors – An invitation: My theme for the year is ‘Simplicity and Connection.’ What’s an annual theme?  It’s just something that describes how I want everything to ‘be’ this year – in my work, personal and family life. I’ve spent a solid two years building my business online and in […]

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perceived value

Perceived value and getting what you pay for

Perceived Value- What Do You See As Valuable? So we had Black Friday and the retail sector went crazy as people spent money on what they felt were perceived value deals. This was followed shortly by Cyber Monday when shoppers who missed out on, or avoided the manic retail frenzy and crush, went online to […]

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1 over thinking

Stop over thinking and do something!

Are you stuck in retrospection- over thinking? Over thinking can be just as bad as never reflecting. Now don’t get me wrong- I’m an advocate of mindset work and digging deep to release blocks. It’s just that sometimes we get stuck, thinking too much. It’s called navel gazing, the activity of thinking too much or too […]

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2 success ready arrow

7 Steps to be Success Ready and Say Yes to Success

Are you Success Ready ? What holds you back from saying yes to success? Are you truly success ready? As entrepreneurs and/or would be business owners, success is obviously something we all want; or is it? So often I see with clients that as soon as they start to succeed, the panic sets in. Best […]

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Sometimes you have to reach out…

I found myself needing to reach out to you this week and be completely authentic and honest with you.  It’s actually through giving that we receive so much, and I have received from my clients the confirmation that I should be sharing this with you, as it has helped them all immensely this week.  It’s […]

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manage business

Manage your business like an athlete!

Can entrepreneurs learn from the way athletes organise their training to manage business? The last few weeks many of us have enjoyed watching the Olympics and I have drawn some analogies between sportspeople and business owners and entrepreneurs. Athletes are so focused and committed and  they are coachable and follow a strict plan, all essential elements […]

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Success is When you Fall Down, Get Back Up, Win Gold

Success means different things to different people What do you think success means? As you know, I’m a runner, certainly no Olympian, but I love to run. A superstar runner is Mo Farah; an extraordinary story of poverty, persistence, and pride. On Saturday night he made history by winning  his third Olympic Gold medal despite […]

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lack of sleep

Lack of Sleep is not a badge of honour

Do you suffer from lack of sleep because you’re working so hard?   Why do we have such bad sleeping habits? Lack of Sleep, Glorious Sleep: Why are we driving ourselves into the ground and sacrificing such an important part of our lives? When you’re busy it’s easy to sacrifice sleep to get things done.  In today’s […]

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5 Things That Keep Entrepreneurs Awake at Night

What keeps you awake at night? Entrepreneur Insomnia! Are you constantly awake at night, suffering poor sleep? I have been an insomniac my entire life until cracking my sleep in the last couple of years.  I can safely say I’m a bit of an expert when it comes to sleep and the lack of it.  It’s […]

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