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Star Wars quotes

Star Wars Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Star Wars Quotes you never realised could be relevant to your business! Star Wars quotes are often used among fans, but do they have any relevance to you as a business? Star Wars The Force Awakens premieres in the USA on December 14th and December 15th in the UK and goes on general release a […]

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money fears

Top 5 Money Fears How to Face Them and Triumph

Facing your money fears Money fears are not confined to the poor. There is no doubt that money is the single biggest cause of stress and anxiety for the majority of people (yes even millionaires worry about money, mostly about losing it!) A survey conducted by the American Psychological Association found… Regardless of the economic climate, […]

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business passion

Business Passion Fuels Success

Business & Passion two great partners I have just come back from a conference in Los Angeles and a great deal of what I learned, I learned from others there. They shared their ups and downs of trying to run a heart centred business. What we did all agree on is that business passion comes […]

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speaking in public fear

Speaking in Public-8 Tips to Overcome Fear

Clammy hands, dry mouth, squeaky voice- sound familiar? Some of us are literally terrified of speaking in public and this can very very hard to deal with. Watch the video below for  an exercise to calm those speaking nerves and read the tips below the video. Speaking in public brings up all sorts of fears! […]

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Are you fed up and being negative?

My Client’s Story and how we changed dissatisfaction to action…from being negative to setting goals… Quick recap- I had a client last week who was in a bit of a downward spiral, her self worth was low and she could even have been described as having a chip on her shoulder.  She wasn’t really sure […]

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holding you back from success

What is Holding You Back? In Life, Love, Success…

Are you the one holding you back? There are so many reasons why we are held back in life.  Some of us live for far too long putting things off for another day, we’ll do a parachute jump one day, we’ll start our own business or finally change our job someday soon, the day we’ve […]

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Goals: Your Career and Purpose in Life

What is holding you back from achieving your goals? In this week’s blog I am sharing with you the story of one of my clients’ who found she had a significant block when it came to following through with her business goals. She had tried the usual approach; writing them down; breaking them down into […]

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