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Body Image & Weight Loss

body imageI have worked with a number of women with various issues with food. These range from severe eating disorders (too much & too little) to food addiction, cravings, and unhealthy relationships with food. They may also have a poor body image, self-loathing, reluctance or addiction to exercise.
For some clients, simply dealing with the stress and core issues that weight gain can be attributed to is all that is needed for a client to achieve the weight loss they desire.
For other people, with a poor body image, these issues can take time as they are so deep rooted. We need to totally change the way we think and feel about our bodies and the reasons why we crave, diet, binge, self-loath etc.
We need to re-wire the brain and physiological response to whatever trigger or issues are causing the symptoms or the inability to have a healthy relationship with food, movement and our bodies.

Achieving permanent and sustainable weight loss and improving body image through EFT is not a quick-fix solution.

Working on body image and weight loss issues usually requires a commitment from the client to continue to tap at home, possibly coming back for ‘top-up’ sessions.

I am still deeply passionate about this but now only work with clients who are ready and committed to make a deep and lasting change.  If you’re at the end of your tether and have had enough, please contact me to arrange a time to discuss how we can work together.    

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