Ep 05 - Increase The Profit In Your Practise It's Easier Than You Think - Elizabeth Mary Hancock

The Wealthy Entrepreneur Podcast
Ep 05 – Increase The Profit In Your Practise It’s Easier Than You Think With Suzy Miller


Today I am collaborating with Suzy Miller. We are going to help you increase the profit in your business.

In this podcast:
02:00 – People pay for quality so how do you price your services?
04:00 – We know we need to get new leads to get more clients but there’s an important thing that we are forgetting about. What is it according to Suzy?
06:30 – How can we increase the value of each customer, keeping them and retaining them?
09:00 – Liz talks about cross-selling
16:00 – Liz gives us an example of how she helped a client increase his income
21:00 – How do you set boundaries and reciprocals for referrals?
28:00 – Why should you look at your expenses?

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