How's your money mindset? - Elizabeth Mary Hancock

How’s your money mindset?

What if there was a way to feel lighter and happier about your finances and more comfortable around money WITHOUT hitting the jackpot? Here, Elizabeth Mary Hancock reveals why there just might be.

‘When I win the Lotto, I will………’

‘If only we could win the lottery then all of our problems would be solved.’

‘I don’t even need that much, just a million would do!’

I’d challenge anyone who said they’ve never had ‘the lotto conversation.’

Of course we all want to win the lottery, but what if there was a way to feel lighter and happier about your finances and more comfortable around money WITHOUT hitting the jackpot?

What if there was a way that could help you feel calm when you discuss your future, your finances, bills, debt even or even just that annual holiday that usually has to go on the credit card?

What if there was a way to feel so good about money, you’d actually INCREASE your chances of winning?!?

In his book ‘How to Win The Lottery with The Law Of Attraction,’ Eddie Coronado has interviews scores of lottery winners who claim it was their positive relationship with money and a strong ‘Money Mindset’ that allowed them to be positive and believe they would one day win, and did!

So how do you do it?

1) Clarity on your beliefs

First of all, understand what your beliefs are – ask yourself the following questions and rate your answers (agree strongly, agree,neither agree not disagree, disagree, disagree strongly).

Really taking note of how your body reacts and feels to each one. (My Money Mindset Quiz that can be found on my website will help with this):

  • Rich people are greedy
  • We may be poor but at least we’re happy
  • You have to work really, really hard to earn decent money
  • Money is the route of all evil
  • Our family have never had money

2) Understanding the pre-programmed mind-body connection

Just asking yourself these questions can invoke some strong emotions, and with them come a physical reaction in your body.

The chances are, you’ve probably just triggered, or even been hijacked by your Amygdala – the reptilian part of the brain that handles our emotions and when it feels threatened, closes down the logical part of the brain, the pre-frontal cortex and puts us into ‘Fight or Flight’ mode!

This will no doubt relate to how you experienced money and success when you were growing up – how you learnt or were ‘programmed’ to feel because of the witnessed thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions of those who were influential when we were young – parents, grandparents, siblings, close family friends, teachers, even first bosses.

This powerful mind-body response actually kept us alive in years gone by. Even though we no longer need to be saved from sabre tooth tigers, it still reacts in the same way.

4) Take action

Helping my clients to step outside of their comfort zones in a way that AVOIDS this triggering cascade is something I regularly need to address in order to help them get the results they desire. Although I normally do this with a business perspective – the more I do this work the more I am reminded that this stuff is present in EVERYONE – not just those starting out in the business world.

So how is it helpful to know this? Because enlightenment is the first step towards sorting things out. Acknowledge HOW you REALLY feel about money and your finances, find a way to address these feelings (I run courses and events on this – more information can be found on my website), and you’ll be in a totally different place to get informed and empowered to take control of your finances, rather than them controlling you.

Addressing all things finance

So, step outside of your comfort zone and address all things Finance! Get clear on where you are and what issues exist. Make a plan to get OUT of the mire and into the light. Cancel the memberships you never use and stop buying things you don’t need. Make sure your insurances are in place. If you have it, switch crippling credit card debt to a 0 percent one but make sure you actually pay it off this time! Get help if you need it – and you will! Speak to at least three financial advisers and pick one to help you – they will ensure you have everything in place and be able to advise on investments and how to manage your money according to your goals and plan around retirement.

Be open to the frustration you and others in your life may feel – but also open to the fact that you’re finally sorting this out once and for all.

I am not promising this work will lead to a lotto win, it hasn’t happened for me yet! But it certainly makes me feel more optimistic and adds a lightness to playing the lottery that I never used to have. Surely that’s worth a punt!

Elizabeth Mary Hancock is the UK’s Money Mindset Expert and runs regular courses and events to transform her clients.

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