Introduction To The 50K Mindset Tapping - Elizabeth Mary Hancock

Money Mindset Tapping Meditation

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By using this meditation and tapping technique, we'll be addressing your real mindset issues through ‘truth tapping.’

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The Tapping Points

We can use this powerful technique quickly and easily. The diagram below shows the common points to tap on, but I prefer to miss out under the arm as it can obstruct the flow. Tap with two or three fingers firmly enough to feel it but not so hard that it hurts! You can miss out a point if it feels uncomfortable.

We start with a ‘set up’ which we say three times while tapping on the side of the hand – the ‘Karate Chop’ point.

We move on, addressing the real issues through ‘truth tapping.’ Rest assured we won’t anchor these feelings in, it’s essential to acknowledge how you’re really feeling and say them out loud so that we can release these feelings and replace them with positive thoughts, rather than just putting a sticking plaster over a wound that actually requires stitches!

Obviously, please don’t drive or operate machinery whilst tapping!


Tapping Points