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Lifestyle and Family Support from Liz Hancock

My holistic approach to the Whole You

You can’t have true business success without having a strategy to manage the stress, overwhelm and issues that arise in other areas of your life, which are usually interconnected and which often originate from the same events or past life experiences that affect your business success.

As Liz’s client, you will not just succeed in your business, but in your personal life, on a physical, emotional and mental level as well.  There are a number of add-on services Liz provides to help you.

Parenting Support

Liz is passionate about helping parents struggling with overwhelm and needing support to navigate the emotional roller coaster of being a Parent.

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Feed Your Feelings

If you are struggling as a parent trying to find that elusive work life balance, or if you simply need some extra love and support, join her fortnightly FEED YOUR FEELINGS calls to kick-start your week and make the best choices for a healthy, fit and rested body and mind, to leave you raring to go in your business, in your family, or just in life generally! You have a chance to ask questions and get help and support with issues that are specific to you.

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Fears and Phobias

If you have a fear, phobia or limiting belief that is holding you back and Affecting your life then you’re also in the right place.  Liz has successfully cleared people of the following: Fear of Flying, Spiders, Water, Public Speaking, Agoraphobia, Emetaphobia (fear of being sick), health anxiety (fear of contracting disease and of dying), fear of being separated from Children/Parents.

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Plus- Liz has also helped those with poor body image and wanting to achieve weight loss

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