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Live Event Invitation and Simplicity and Connection

To my UK subscribers and visitors – An invitation:

My theme for the year is ‘Simplicity and Connection.’ What’s an annual theme?  It’s just something that describes how I want everything to ‘be’ this year – in my work, personal and family life.

I’ve spent a solid two years building my business online and in doing so have created a tight-knit community. However, that support and feeling of unity and partnership coupled with accountability and encouragement was increased ten fold at the live mastermind event I ran last year. It was a very special day and many breakthroughs were had. Connection was one of the words I would describe as central to the day.  I also kept it simple, using my simple frameworks to break down the teachings so they were easy to grasp and implementable, not just theory and rhetoric.

You can watch some of the testimonials on my YouTube channel, but suffice to say they gave me the nudge I needed to share the live events with more people, not just with the clients on my programs.

Live Event Coming Up

So, I want to let you know that I have an amazing event approaching which is an integral part of the syllabus I teach in my one year intensive mastermind, Project Freedom. That means no dumbing down of content, no ‘I’ll teach you a bit but you have to sign up to get the full picture.’ This is what I teach my clients who invest in me heavily in their development and advancement. What it does mean is that you will experience a deep, transformational mindset and skill building workshop that will give you everything you need to Master Your Mindset and Master Your Sales

How many times do we logically know we COULD do something, but our mind plays tricks on us and makes us think that we shouldn’t or couldn’t. Even when deep down we know it’s our life’s purpose, because it feels scary and new, we stay small and safe. We fill our time making ourselves busy and taking the easy option to try to grow our businesses. But the problem is, there is no easy way unless you address what’s actually ‘setting’ our ‘mind’ against what we truly know is possible.

Stop doing marketing and start making connections

We then get so busy doing the do, all the sexy (or otherwise) marketing activities that we think are going to draw clients to naturally want to work with us, that we forget that we then need to actually sell our services to those clients – have powerful conversations with our ideal clients, make offers with pride and confidence, stand tall and name our price, welcome clients in to the right programs, products and services for the right length of time and intensity.

The potential of a live event is huge: deep transformation, mindset shifts, motivation and skills building. Appreciation and celebration of your awesomeness and ability to know you’re ready to take yourself and your business to the next level. Creating and fostering new relationships that can lead to a partnership which will mutually benefit both of your businesses.

If the events you’ve been attending haven’t fulfilled the above criteria, you’ve been attending the wrong ones! I can promise you that you will gain all of the above at my Master Your Mindset, Master Your Sales event on 23rd February just outside London (without all the travel hassle that a London event entails)!

Not just an event…

But there’s more! Even if the events you’ve been to have met all your expectations, how many times have you left full of good intentions that have petered out within a few weeks? In MMMS, I’m including a follow up call to ensure the learning is embedded and so that you can get extra help and support with implementing everything you’ve learnt.

Information = motivation. Implementation = transformation.

Lasting and true transformation at that!  You’ll even get a pre-event call to set you up for maximum success AT the event and a one-to-one post event Implementation Mastery Call to ensure you’ve got a plan you’re happy with and that you’re taking the right steps to enable that plan to bear fruit.

So what’s stopping you ?

Just click here to register for the awesome value price of just £397 or hit reply and tell me what else you need to know.

With love and gratitude

Liz x