Wealthy Entrepreneur Elevator - Elizabeth Mary Hancock

Wealthy Entrepreneur Elevator

Wealthy Entrepreneur Elevator

Freeing you from the grip your financial fears and programming have on you, tapping into the wealth and abundance that is waiting for you so you can 10X your job, business and your life!

The Wealthy Entrepreneur Elevator

Who is this program for?

For people who want to focus solely on their financial fears and blocks that are stopping them from growing their business and transforming their wealth, I have a 7 month program which ‘does exactly what it says on the tin!’

Maybe you’re doing great but you know there’s just one more missing piece needed to make you and your business ‘pop’!  Are you finding things a little or a LOT overwhelming, having doubts about whether you are cut out for this or have the skills and drive to succeed? Have you fallen out of love with what you’re doing because it just feels so darn hard all the time, or maybe you’re sabotaging your success every time you’re so close to making a breakthrough?
Or perhaps you’ve been working with an amazing coach, taken all the steps they’ve asked you to but you STILL aren’t getting the results you expected.  Are you wondering how you can afford to continue working with a coach because you’ve invested so much in your business but not got the returns you so desperately need? 

If so, I’ll be blunt.  You NEED this program!


 Program Outline & Outcomes

We will be going Deep!  We will be dealing with current issues and easing your immediate overwhelm and anxiety related to your money situation, the things that are painful RIGHT NOW, giving you powerful coaching as well as practical tools and techniques to help you move through this quickly and gain complete clarity on what areas you need to work on.

We will then move on to getting clarity on your past programming, what has happened to hurt you in the past around money, what has led to your current situation and what is keeping you stuck in it.  We will be addressing these issues using various powerful methods that I am highly trained and experienced in.  We will be clearing and releasing you from the cycle of repeating the same patterns, attracting the same behaviors, circumstances, and results.  You will genuinely transform out of your past and into your blissful, peaceful, powerful present and wealthy future!

Usually a 5 Month Coaching & Support Program with maintenance support for a further 2 months. The program can be flexible and is adapted specifically to suit the client’s individual needs and circumstances to give them the maximum results and return on their investment


This program can be done in addition to the work you are already doing with another business coach and is likely to compliment it beautifully, because there are very few coaches who take the work as deep as I do, so working with me in conjunction to your existing coach will often result in that missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle being found and your results will soar!


There is an application process for this Program as it is essential that Liz is the right coach for you and that you are the right fit for The Wealthy Entrepreneur Elevator.  Please book your FREE, Strategy Call to find out if this program is a fit for you.