Have the Confidence to be a Better Parent Using EFT

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Parenting & EFT for Children

In the past I have seen a lot of parents, mainly mothers who are struggling to cope with the multitude of stress and responsibilities of modern day parenting.

My clients were able to release the guilt of working full or part-time, or were helped to come to terms with their decision to go back to work and leave little ones in day care etc.

Others felt like they had lost their identity, maybe they had given up work and did not know who they were anymore, were struggling with any sort of ‘me time’ or felt anger towards themselves and their children at high stress times like difficult bedtimes or sleeping patterns, tantrums, getting out of the house on the school run every morning and many more.

There is no secret formula for successful parenting, but I believe much of the stress we feel is as a result of the unrealistic expectations put upon us by the Media and other well meaning parents and ultimately by ourselves!
By releasing the need for ‘Perfectionism’ or unrealistic expectations, mothers can enjoy their children more and feel proud of the amazing job they are doing.

I am still deeply passionate about this subject.  Check out my Parenting Videos on my You Tube Channel for more video resources.


Client Testimonials

Fear of staying away from home

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Parental overwhelm, relationship issues with Daughter and Husband

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 Anxiety and Stress and Health Issues

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Fears and Phobias

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If you are interested in some one-to-one coaching for parenting issues, please contact me for further information.