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Parenting & EFT for Children

In the past I have seen a lot of parents, mainly mothers who are struggling to cope with the multitude of stress and responsibilities of modern day parenting.

My clients were able to release the guilt of working full or part-time, or were helped to come to terms with their decision to go back to work and leave little ones in day care etc.

Others felt like they had lost their identity, maybe they had given up work and did not know who they were anymore, were struggling with any sort of ‘me time’ or felt anger towards themselves and their children at high stress times like difficult bedtimes or sleeping patterns, tantrums, getting out of the house on the school run every morning and many more.

There is no secret formula for successful parenting, but I believe much of the stress we feel is as a result of the unrealistic expectations put upon us by the Media and other well meaning parents and ultimately by ourselves!
By releasing the need for ‘Perfectionism’ or unrealistic expectations, mothers can enjoy their children more and feel proud of the amazing job they are doing.

I am still deeply passionate about this subject.  Check out my Parenting Videos on my You Tube Channel for more video resources.


Client Testimonials

Fear of staying away from home

Wanted to tell you the great news that Lottie had a fabulous school trip and settled herself to sleep calmly. Thank you so much - I think tapping really, really helped! She has come home as a much more confident young lady! Seeing Lottie overcome her fear has really helped us, thanks again! Jade x
Mother of Lottie

Parental overwhelm, relationship issues with Daughter and Husband

I began working with Liz because I was feeling overwhelmed with things and had such a lot on my plate - running my own business and caring for our two young daughters was putting a real strain on me and my relationship with my family members and Husband and I was blaming myself while feeling angry and resentful towards those closest to me, even though I was really trying not to.   After our initial session the anger and frustration I had been feeling almost constantly really lifted and cleared.  I was suddenly able to remain calm when my daughter had a tantrum which previously I had struggled with, especially when they happened in public and I got conscious of other people staring and judging me. As a result of my new found calmness and empathy towards her, there have been hardly any instances and when they have happened I have been able to deal with them easily, like how I had always imagined I would before I had my own children and certainly not beating myself up afterwards which I always did beforehand.  Working with Liz has also had a big impact on my relationship with my Husband, who I now have a lot more patience and understanding with, especially important as we also work together very closely.  Through the exercises and visualisations Liz took me through I was able to realise that I was repeating the same patterns as my parents even though I really didn't want to, and as a result they have released and I am able to approach life more lightly and with renewed energy and optimism."
Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother

Thank you for the few but effective sessions with you. I found you very professional yet warm. I experienced you as the mother holding the inner child in me. You were astute in getting to the bottom of symptoms and behaviours, saving me a fortune in counselling fees. Your speaking out loud while I tapped along enabled me to learn to tap during the week. It was empowering to be able to help myself.
Mother & Grandmother



 Anxiety and Stress and Health Issues

Wow! I have got back from my monthly tapping session and I feel great so I knew I had to write this testimonial right now!
I have been working with Liz for about 18 months and can say with absolute certainty that she has been fundamental to my recovery from Compulsive eating. Liz is so easy to talk to and know that I really benefit from talking to someone who truly interprets my worries and stresses so accurately and helps me to release these emotions through tapping (EFT).
I love that I can use the techniques that Liz has taught me to really help when things get tough, and I now see EFT, and my sessions with Liz, as an amazing tool in regaining my health and bringing everything back into balance.
I had never heard of Tapping until I met Liz and was intrigued by both its concept and by how emphatic she was in her belief that it had helped her. By chance on the evening I met Liz, I was feeling upset and stressed about some family-related health issues which were constantly on my mind and negatively affecting my outlook on the future. Liz offered to teach me the technique and I felt I had nothing to lose.  Through using the EFT I was soon able to tackle some of the major issues that were hanging over me and found they began to lose their emotional power, while the health problems are still there, they no longer dominate my thoughts or send me into a negative spiral, I now live much more in the moment, feeling more confident that I can deal with any issues as and when they come up in the future. Tapping has helped in other areas of my life too, for example with my fear of flying and weight loss. If I find myself getting stressed I take a few minutes out to Tap until I feel calm again. If you are unsure if Tapping is going to be of help to you, my advice would be to give it a go, after all you don't really have anything to lose but you could have everything to gain.
Entrepreneur and Mother of three
I wanted to send you an update and say thank you once again for all your help in my recovery.  I think the stress response was from the trauma I experienced at work and the resulting insomnia skewed my perception of everything. With plenty of rest, time off and sleep as well as your help which made me realise it was OK to take this time and go to the Doctors for some temporary medication, I am feeling back to normal if not actually better than before all this started. I am going back to work soon and actually looking forward to it, fully aware of the symptoms so I can hopefully avoid slipping backwards and learn how to manage things if I do. Thank you again for the help you gave me, it worked so well and I can still use the techniques to help me sleep and to live more in the moment rather than worry about everything all at once. It was great that you seemed calm and comfortable about what was happening and that you were able to help me, I really appreciate your honesty and understanding and hope you continue to help lots of other people!
Mother of two
Thank you so much for your time yesterday.  I felt calm driving home and did some tapping before I went to bed and slept well.  I couldn't remember my dreams and I ALWAYS remember my dreams in detail! This morning I feel better than I have for the last ten days, thank you so much!
I wanted to say thank you for the sessions and let you know that I am doing OK, tired with the treatment but had a lovely long weekend away with family. We did swimming, cycling, laser combat! and ten pin bowling and they did an aerial adventure while I had a sauna.   It was tiring but very nice to do a bit of exercise in my own gentle way. I actually thought I might not be able to balance on a bike anymore but I was fine so that was a really good feeling!
Cancer sufferer

Fears and Phobias

So funny, when I had a huge spider in my bedroom last night I laughed and think I said oh for F*** sake, really, you have to be kidding me! It went under the bed and so had to pull it out and squidge it, and have a quick dust at the same time!!! No more paralysis of fear and having to get the hoover out for me!
I went to see Liz with a fear of flying. After a very turbulent and scary flight aged 17 I hadn't been on a plane for 10 years. I had no intention to do so again until my partners family booked a beautiful villa in Croatia and asked us to join them. My son was desperate to spend a week with all his cousins and go on an aeroplane, so I agreed, we booked the fights and I thought that I would just ignore the fear I had and somehow get on the plane. Then as the time came nearer I began to feel really stressed and anxious and wasn't sure I could go through with it. So my friend suggested I go and see Liz, which I did. She was warm and welcoming and completely understanding of my fears. I was a bit skeptical if I'm honest, but found the tapping process very relaxing and felt much calmer after the first session. I think going through every aspect of what had happened on the bad flight and acknowledging how frightened I was really helped to put it in perspective. By the second I felt very calm and able to deal with getting on the plane. Before seeing Liz I had been thinking about the flight all the time, to the point it was keeping me awake at night, but after my two sessions style="f I felt confident in myself and the thoughts about flying barely crossed my mind after that. I still felt calm all the way up to boarding the plane and getting seated, but I have to admit that on take off I couldn't manage to tap as I was clinging to the seat so tightly! I got through it though which was much more than I ever expected (my family told me afterward that it was actually a rougher landing than they were used to). I tapped the morning before we left for the airport as I felt a bit anxious and the journey home was fine. I even managed to enjoy looking out of the window when we flew over the Alps.   In summary, I feel tapping was very beneficial to me with this fear and I will definitely go on a plane again, without feeling stressed or anxious. Liz is a very kind and empathetic person, who showed such genuine care and a wish to help me overcome my fear without judgment. Thank you so much xx
Everything went really well, the flight was good.  I kept expecting to feel my anxieties but they weren't there.  I did use my script on take off just to settle me but I was fine.  I couldn't believe it.  We had turbulence on and off and normally my panic feelings would set in and build up but they didn't.  I was so amazed.   Also, by coming to see you helped me going on certain rides in Florida as most rides were too scary before though I did refrain from some of the more challenging ones.  I do want to thank you for your help it has been amazing and has really helped, thank you so much!
Holiday maker
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