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Wealthy Entrepreneur Mastermind

Wealthy Entrepreneur Mastermind
Break FREE from the grip that your financial fears and programming have on you, and tap in to the success, wealth and abundance that IS waiting for you right NOW! 10X your business and your life!

Wealthy Entrepreneur Mastermind Mission

For people who want to focus solely on their financial fears and blocks that are stopping them from growing their business and transforming their wealth, I have a 5 – 7 month program which ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’! You’ll be jumping into the elevator to success with me and together we’ll go sky high – above and beyond the money freedom and levels of success you’re currently only dreaming about.

Who is this program for?

Are you doing great but have that nagging feeling that there’s something missing? That missing piece that will ‘IGNITE’ you and your business!? Or maybe you’re just finding everything a bit (or a LOT) of a struggle? Does it feel like every time you take a step forward, someone puts a roadblock in your way? Or that feeling like you’re spinning too many plates and all that’s spinning is your head!?

Whether you are just starting out in your exciting new venture or you’re further down your path Wealthy Entrepreneur Mastermind is the answer!

Outline & Outcomes

Freedom Coaching – so much more than just Mindset!

I call this my Freedom Coaching because it is so much MORE than mindset!

Be prepared… We will be going DEEP!  By dealing with your current issues, easing the immediate overwhelm or anxiety related to money, resolving the areas that are painful RIGHT NOW and giving you truly powerful coaching, you will be armed with the practical tools and techniques to help you move through these blocking factors with ease. Total clarity awaits you!

Next we will delve into the enlightening world of your past programming. What has happened to hurt you in the past around money? What has led to your current situation and is keeping you from breaking free? We will address these issues head on by using extremely powerful methods that I am highly trained and experienced in. By releasing you from the cycle of repeating the same patterns, attracting the same behaviors, circumstances and results, you will genuinely transform out of your past and in to your blissful, peaceful, powerful, present and wealthy future!


In addition to this powerful mindset coaching is the more practical business coaching.  Following a 90 minute Discovery Call focused on understanding your ideal client and creating a 12 month high level strategy for your business, we will break down the key action steps, in to manageable, bite-sized chunks to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed and are instead driven to succeed in completing the agreed actions with focus and ease. The exact approach we will take is carefully tailored to meet you exactly where you are right now and where you want to be.  To begin with, we will focus on the key areas which are most likely to result in the quickest return on your investment, while at the same time ensuring that we work consistently and with passion towards your bigger vision and ultimate objectives for your business and your life!
Combining these two distinct but equally crucial approaches is what makes this program so unique and powerful!  I believe I have developed a bespoke and truly transformational program which will create and maintain lasting change and success in your business AND your life!


Watch how you become laser focused and truly present in your life, your relationships with your partner, your loved ones and even your children if you have them. Whether working, at play, exercising or relaxing, get things done quick smart with your upgraded ‘let it be easy’ attitude!

Learn to recognise when you are spiralling in to a back lash or your go-to pattern of resistance and see how effortlessly you move through it without everything falling apart like it has done in the past.

You will enjoy each day, being able to see problems and bumps in the road as learning experiences and you will marvel at how far you have come during the program.  You will be able to go to bed each night happy to reflect on your day and at peace with the Universe and your place within it!  All of this CAN be yours, it has become my life and I am honoured to partner and lead others towards their true life.

The results really do speak for themselves! This will be the deepest transformation you will have ever gone through and it WILL change your life forever!

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“Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” – M. Scott Peck

Your finances unlock the key to your future, give you freedom to live your life, help your family and others.  Being rich means you can live richly and give richly.’ – Robert Kiyosaki

Don’t take my word for it…


Angie White talks about Liz Hancock’s Wealthy Entrepreneur Mastermind from Elizabeth Mary Hancock on Vimeo.


  • A mixture of group work and support plus valuable one-to-one coaching with me to get you really clear, overcoming overwhelm and in to solid and easy action towards your goals.
    3 x group training, coaching, Q&A & Accountability calls per month
  • 1 one-to-one coaching call per month
  • Full Access to The Wealthy Entrepreneur Academy, my Membership Site, where you will find all the step by step resources and guidance required to build your business and keep you focused in between our calls, plus recordings of group calls and training.
  • SOS access to me in the FB Group & by email
  • Private Facebook Group for group support and accountability
  • 1 Day Sales Training Day which will be recorded if you are unable to attend.
  • A 2 day Live Event which will be recorded if you are unable to attend.

 Using the perfect combination of group coaching, one to one exploration sessions and an invaluable group support network, we will focus on bringing you clarity, reducing overwhelm and solidifying your plan of action towards reaching your goals.

  • 2 x Group Coaching & Accountability calls per month
  • 1 x Group Q&A Session
  • 1 x One-to-One Coaching Session per month
  • Full Access to The Wealthy Entrepreneur Academy (my Membership Site). Includes step by step resources and guidance to build your business and keep you focused in between our sessions as well as recordings of all group calls and training.
  • SOS access to me in the Facebook Group & by email
  • Private Facebook Group for support and accountability
  • Bonus 1 – A 1 day Sales Training Day which will be recorded if you are unable to attend.
  • Bonus 2 – A 2 day Live Event which will be recorded if you are unable to attend.


I look forward to connecting with you!

With love and gratitude

 Liz x


Elizabeth Mary Hancock

Tel. UK 07970 971 742/ 01494 765 999

Tel. US 001 44 7970 971 742/001 44 1494 765 999

Email. Liz@elizabethmaryhancock.com


There is an application process for this Program as it is essential that Liz is the right coach for you and that you are the right fit for Wealthy Entrepreneur Mastermind.

There is an application process for this program as you need to be ready to go deep! Please book your FREE, Wealthy Entrepreneur Exploration call to find out if this program is a fit for you.

Please book your FREE no obligation Program Exploration Call BELOW to find out if this program is a fit for you. 


Wealthy Entrepreneur Mastermind Client Testimonials

Feedback on sales training

My biggest take away from last night call was the re-connection with my ability to sell. The awareness that I can sell and that it is totally simple for me. I enjoyed the sliced wheel as a step by step process to hold an enrolling call as I am visual and having a drawing with colours helps me a lot.   Silvia Camerini www.pregnanciesqueen.com
Silvia C
Silvia Camerini CEO Pregnancies Queen
Thanks for the session on sales you gave Liz. I'm the type of person that, if unsure of a process will try and tackle an opportunity from every potential angle, causing panic and overwhelm. The clear process and model you took the group through yesterday has really helped to lift my anxiety about handling a sales situation. Having this to follow will really help me work my way through a sales conversation to hopeful close. Amy Walker,
Amy W
Amy Walker