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Client Testimonials

Business and Life Turnaround


I am so happy today that I had the privilege of working with Liz, Liz recognised immediately that I had been playing it small for far too long.
Liz believed in me and encouraged me to shine and for this I am truly grateful.
Through working with Liz, my life dramatically changed as she helped re-ignite my motivation and  determination to succeed.  
Liz is a tremendously successful coach and measures her success with that of her clients. Liz is driven and is totally committed to your success.
Liz feels like an old friend, but one who will not let you rest on your laurels.
Thank you Liz, you awesome lady, I am forever grateful, DD 🙂
When Liz and I started working together I was in a pretty bad way. I'd had so many hopes, dreams and ideas but no success in either my web design or coaching business. Instead, I was running myself ragged trying to run two businesses around my kids, working into the early hours and neglecting myself, my closest relationships and not getting any clients.   In a very short time, Liz was able to break through some significant money blocks that I never knew I had that were not only impacting my business but also my life. I have released so many of the negative emotions that were holding me back and I now find myself working significantly less (in bed by 10 most nights), having more quality time with my family and actually getting results! In fact, I landed my first client after only two sessions with Liz. She is extremely intuitive and can see things that you can't so I really value the time we have together. Most importantly, I got clarity around my business, combining my love for branding & design with deep mindset coaching to help my clients go from stressed, struggling and invisible to shining online with an authentic brand & soulful business strategy that gets them seen and heard   I'd wasted a lot of money in the past on three-month programs and pre-recorded online courses with no live interaction with the coach.   Although I was initially resistant to signing up to work with Liz for a whole year, it's now such a relief knowing I'm in Project Freedom for this length of time.    Change can happen fast, but to maintain it and keep growing we need longer term commitment.  It's such a liberating feeling to be able to relax and not have to constantly sift through the online jungle of free training and webinars on marketing and mindset.    All of this was just adding to my feelings of overwhelm, but now I am free, focused, committed and so excited about my future and the growth of my business!
Michelle C
Project Freedomer

Sales Challenges

Nikki Smith Testimonial on Overcoming Sales Objections – Course from Elizabeth Mary Hancock on Vimeo.

My first conversation with Liz about my business was a game changer! The very next day I was sending email follow ups from such a different space. I was able to be really ‘down in the fire’ with them vs frustrated with them. It's felt so amazing. I've been able to be honest and still think I managed to come from a place of "I see you and I hear you." Thank you Liz, game changer!
Business Coach

Work and Family-Related Stress

Men are often reluctant to admit to feeling stressed or to seek help for any kind of problem, but EFT is still very effective when it is used on men for a variety of issues.  This is a testimonial from Jonathan who works in a top City Firm and is a Dad of three.

I must confess that I was initially skeptical as to the benefits of tapping. Little did I realise quite how relaxing and therapeutic tapping could be.  Liz was excellent, leading the session with a calm assurance and putting me right at ease from the very outset.Will I tap again? Absolutely! Would I recommend to other men? Without doubt!
City Firm Manager