The £50K Formula Mastermind

The £50k Formula Mastermind

For those wanting to add £50k plus to their service-led business, without expensive or complicated marketing or working all the hours God sends.

Leverage your time, ease your overwhelm and take your business to the next level!

Along the journey to success, it’s easy to try to follow all the conflicting and confusing advice and end up going round in circles, stay stuck in one place, or even feel like you’re going backwards!

It’s OK to stop and ask for directions, it’s a good thing! 

Your journey to success will be much easier if you are continuously supported on the path to business and life mastery that can be yours. 

It’s even easier, better and much more enjoyable if that journey is shared.

That’s what the £50k Mastermind is all about!

Amy Walker 2

My first conversation with Liz about my business was a game changer! 

The very next day I was sending email follow-ups from such a different space. I was able to be really ‘down in the fire’ with them vs frustrated with them. It's felt so amazing. I've been able to be honest and still think I managed to come from a place of "I see you and I hear you." Thank you Liz, game changer!

- Amy, Nutrition Coach

Why the £50k Formula Mastermind?

I believe if you undertake this programme and implement the steps we agree on, you will add at least £50k to your company’s bottom line.

In fact, £50k is just the start!

Why me?

Are you doing OK but have that nagging feeling that there’s something missing?

That missing piece that will ‘IGNITE’ you and your business!?

Maybe you’re just finding everything a bit (or a LOT) of a struggle?

Does it feel like every time you take a step forward, someone puts a roadblock in your way?

Or that feeling like you’re trying to spin too many plates and all that’s spinning is your head?

If you are passionate about what you do and know that your services, products and/or programmes are making a difference to the people you want to reach, then you’re in the right place!  

If you’re ready to create a strategy and plan that is finally going to bring your dreams to a reality and address the mindset and confidence issues that stand in your way, increasing the belief you hold in your abilities and right to succeed exponentially, the £50k Mastermind is for you!

If you are passionate about what you do and know that your services, products and/or programmes are making a difference to the people you want to reach, then you’re in the right place!  

If you’re ready to create a strategy and plan that is finally going to bring your dreams to a reality and address the mindset and confidence issues that stand in your way, increasing the belief you hold in your abilities and right to succeed exponentially, the £50k Mastermind is for you!

This is a match for you if you are ready to grow your current, full time business into the business of your dreams.  

It’s also for you if you’re ready to get the help you need to sort out a struggling or underperforming but established business or one that you want to leverage and take to the next level.

What got you to where you are now is not what will get you to that next level.  You need a solid strategy and to step up as the leader of your business, not just the doer, implementer or owner. 

If you struggle to implement or see yourself as the CEO of your company, don’t worry!  

You will be given the support and confidence you need to do so.

The programme follows my 7 Step £50k Success Formula, outlined below:

£50k Formula Success System

Structure overview

The £50k Mastermind gives you the unique combination of group AND one-to-one coaching, with the luxury of a bi-monthly IN-PERSON Strategy & Training Day (with guest expert trainers as required), the essential element that is missing from so many programmes.

A high end, private coaching programme combined with the benefits, accountability and support of a group mastermind – what more could you want or need?!

The Coaching & Mentoring you receive over the 12 months we have together will give you the financial and personal Freedom you desire.

Completely aligned to both your business and personal goals, the £50k Mastermind marks the start of your and your business’ unique transformation!

Michelle Catanach

 “When Liz and I started working together I was in a pretty bad way.

I'd had so many hopes, dreams and ideas but no success in either my web design or coaching business.

Instead, I was running myself ragged trying to run two businesses around my kids, working into the early hours and neglecting myself, my closest relationships and not getting any clients.

In a very short time, Liz was able to break through some significant money blocks that I never knew I had that were not only impacting my business but also my life. 

I have released so many of the negative emotions that were holding me back and I now find myself working significantly less (in bed by 10 most nights), having more quality time with my family and actually getting results!

Liz is extremely intuitive and can see things that you can't so I really value the time we have together. I'd wasted a lot of money in the past on shorter and pre-recorded online courses with no live interaction with the coach.

Although I was initially resistant to signing up to work with Liz for a whole year, it's now such a relief knowing I'm in for this length of time. Change can happen fast, but to maintain it and keep growing we need longer term commitment.

It's such a liberating feeling to be able to relax and not have to constantly sift through the online jungle of free training and webinars on marketing and mindset. All of this was just adding to my feelings of overwhelm, but now I am free, focused, committed and so excited about my future and the growth of my business!  

- Michelle C, The Uncaged Revolution

Delivery: The Programme includes:

  • One (1), one-to-one private coaching call per month, spread over the year with Liz
  • Bi-monthly in-person small group strategy and training day at a location in the Herts/Bucks area (currently Hemel Hempstead)
  • Bi-monthly Mastermind small group call: a chance to share your individual specific plans, problems & challenges and receive feedback from Liz and the group on them.
  • You will also benefit from:

  • Full access and membership to the £50k Mastermind Training Vault where you will find step by step resources and guidance required to build your business and keep you focused in between our calls, plus recordings of group calls and training
  • Access to & preferential rates for Website & Digital Marketing Expert consulting & implementation team if required.
  • Access to & preferential rates for Finance & Accountancy guidance, support, planning and reporting if required.
  • Access to the Wealthy Entrepreneur community via the Private Client Only Facebook Group for support, accountability & celebration!
  • SOS Email access to me
  • Any additional training, education and products that Liz may chose to share with you.
  • An open invitation to attend Liz’s other events during the 12 months you are a member of The £50k Mastermind
  • Plus A Special Bonus:

  • The £50k Mindset Mentoring Programme: 14 weeks to transform your mindset to get you geared up and free from any resistance to adding £50k to your business.  Value £1,997
  • Investment for the £50k Mastermind

    £4,997 Pay In Full (saving £967 compared to monthly payments) or 12 payments of £497.

    N.B. Previously, the investment for my online Mastermind was £697 per month or a Pay In Full amount of £6,997.  Because this Mastermind is being delivered differently and I am passionate about improving the profits of LOCAL small businesses, I am offering this investment to just three founding members to come in at the vastly reduced rates outlined above.


    Despite this massive discount, clearly this is not a ‘cheap’ programme. It’s a significant investment in your business. But the fee really isn’t the most important number here. The most important number is the RETURN you’re likely to get on your investment. Because as long as the return outweighs the investment (and it really should) then it’s a smart investment, right?

    So let me ask you an important question... With our help, how much additional revenue do you think your business could do this year? £10,000, £25,000, £50,000? More? As long as it’s significantly more than your investment, it’s got to be worth at least considering joining us, right?

    My personal belief is your gut instinct is always right. And, if your gut is telling you right now that you might want to work with me, go ahead and progress today. I truly believe I’ve designed the most comprehensive, supportive coaching and mentoring programme out there at this level of investment.

    Over the next 12 months we will work together as a team...

    With the goal of increasing your profits by selling more of your services, programmes, packages and products, reducing your costs and streamlining your business, and so much more... and doing all of that in a way that fits with the lifestyle you really want.

    Being in this group will establish you as an expert and a leader – to yourself, your clients and potential clients AND your employees and industry peers. 

    It will allow you to get a stronger foothold in your unique marketplace. Once you have the training and experience from working closely with me, you will have the mindset and confidence, the ability, drive and determination (and the cash) to be, do, have and create absolutely anything you want, in any area of your life.

    Maybe for you, that’s exotic holidays or living the ‘lap-top lifestyle.’ Maybe it’s contributing equally to the household budget or your dream home... Or maybe you just want the security of knowing that, no matter what, you, your bills and staff are paid every month, and there’s still money left over!

    But this programme is about more than just money. Because I don’t work with people who are just in it for the money. Members of this group will be dedicated to building their business, spreading their message and making a huge impact on the lives of their clients, customers and employees.

    If you’d like to surround yourself with a group of like-minded, passion led people, if you can picture this kind of success for yourself... and if you can picture making the substantial investment of time and money it's going to take to spend the next 12 months working with me to build your business...

    Then I invite you to enroll today. I guarantee this will be the best investment you’ll ever make for you personally AND of course, your business.

    “Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.”

    – M. Scott Peck

    “Your finances unlock the key to your future, give you freedom to live your life, help your family and others.  Being rich means you can live richly and give richly.”

    – Robert Kiyosaki

    I am so happy today that I had the privilege of working with Liz. Liz recognised immediately that I had been playing it small for far too long. Liz believed in me and encouraged me to shine and for this I am truly grateful.

    Through working with Liz, my life dramatically changed as she helped re-ignite my motivation and determination to succeed.

    Liz is a tremendously successful coach and measures her success with that of her clients. Liz is driven and is totally committed to your success. Liz feels like an old friend, but one who will not let you rest on your laurels.

     Thank you Liz, you awesome lady, I am forever grateful, DD

    Your Commitment, Your Transformation, Your Results!

    Your commitment to this programme is essential! You are committing to changing your business and your life, not just for 12 months but forever!


    There will be hills and obstacles on your journey.  It’s OK to pause and ask for direction and encouragement.  As long as you keep moving forwards with guidance and support you’ll enjoy the journey, not JUST the destination!

    How to Apply for the £50k Mastermind

    Membership of the £50k Mastermind is by application only.  Liz will have a conversation with you to ensure she can help you and that you are a good match for the programme and her coaching style.  Please contact her to book your meeting.

    Contact Liz on 07970 971 742